Idea and Concept Analysis in SAP xApp Product Definition

SAP xApp Product Definition (SAP xPD) enables enterprises to optimize and structure their innovation flow for developing new product, services, or marketing initiatives. This entails processing spontaneous findings and ideas, through fully developed concepts, right down to detailed requirements planning. Various methods can be used to do this, including special campaigns specifically focused on collecting ideas or concept development processes.

With SAP xPD 2.0 Business Content, you can perform analytical calculations of the innovation flow in your enterprise. This includes the entire idea/concept pool, as well as time-based reports on ideas and concepts that were created and processed within a specific period.

You can then use this information to evaluate your enterprise's innovation activities and provide greater transparency in the following areas:

  • Number and type of findings/ideas or concepts that were elaborated within a certain period

  • Number and type of findings/ideas or concepts sorted by attributes such as status, source, author, or business area

  • Turnover rate of ideas and concepts

  • Success rate of concepts

  • Analysis of concept key figures

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For more information about integration between SAP xPD and BI Content, see the SAP Service Marketplace at → SAP xApps → SAP xApp Product Definition.

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Technical Data

Available as of Release SAP xPD 2.0
BI Content Add-On Release NW 2004s BI Content Add-On 2


Data Flow for Idea and Concept Analysis in SAP xPD:

This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

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