HR-Integrated Personnel Budget Planning


The planning application HR-integrated Personnel Budget Planningsimplifies the annual budgeting process for personnel expenditure by providing a planning system (BW-BPS) that enables the manipulation of HR data and calculates the budget required for it.

As a basis for the planning, the organizational structure including the FTE values (capacity), the cost distribution and the estimated required positions and persons are extracted form the OLTP. In addition, the average values of the HR costs can be entered in the SAP Business Information Warehouse (SAP BW) and included in the planning.

The budget required for HR is calculated from these data sources. If the HR data is manipulated in the BW-BPS environment, the required budget is updated automatically. You can use plan versions if you want to have a number of parallel scenarios. The final version can be copied using the plan data transfer from SAP BW to the Budget Control System (BCS).

Notes on Implementation

This scenario is designed to give the customer an idea of what Personnel Budget Planning will look like after Release NW 2004s BI Content Add-On 2. The technology was developed on the basis of Business Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS) which will be replaced by BI-integrated planning in the next release. As Personnel Budget Planning will be developed using this new technology for the next release, SAP will not provide maintenance or support for this scenario for the Release NW 2004s BI Content Add-On 2 .

Customers should not implement this scenario in the productive system. If you have any questions, contact Albrecht Weiss ( from Public Sector Solution Management.


This is the process from the system point of view: the data to be used for HR-integrated Personnel Budget Planning is extracted from the HR system of the OLTP to the SAP BW InfoCubes  0PSM_C43, 0PSM_C45, 0PSM_C46 and 0PSM_C47. These InfoCubes contain data from SAP HR that is required for HR-integrated Personnel Budget Planning, for example, full-time equivalents, cost distribution for persons and positions and the requirements for persons and positions. The new data is planned in the SAP BW system (BW-BPS) on the basis of the data of these InfoCubes. The expected required budget for personnel expenditure is calculated from this plan data and saved in the InfoCube OPU_C31 in SAP BW. The budget data (not the HR data) is then retracted from SAP BW to the OLTP system. The following graphic illustrates the process explained above:

The standard planning application that you can use as a template for HR-integrated Personnel Budget Planning assumes that the data relevant for HR (full-time equivalents, personnel costs and cost distribution) is entered centrally. Default values for full-time equivalents, personnel costs and cost distribution are provided by the extractors.

A number of different planning scenarios can be used in parallel. For example, one scenario for a wage increase of 3% and another scenario for a 5% wage increase. The data is stored in different versions so that you can distinguish between them. The administrator copies the default values for the full-time equivalents and cost distribution to the different versions.

If you want to protect a version from further modifications, use a data slice.