Creating a Destination


The communication between the XML DAS Connector for Java and the XML DAS takes places via the destination service of the J2EE Engine. With the destination you set up you determine the deployment scenario.


       1.      Open the Visual Administrator of the J2EE Engine on which the Java application is running.

       2.      Select Server ® Services ® Destinations

       3.      Select HTTP and then choose New

       4.      Enter DASdefault (case sensitive) as the destination name and choose OK.

       5.      Enter the URL of the XML DAS you would like to use.

                            a.      For a central deployment scenario, enter

http://localhost:<http port of local J2EE engine>/DataArchivingService/DAS

                            b.      For a distributed deployment scenario, enter

http://<XML DAS host>:<http port>/DataArchivingService/DAS

URL in a central deployment scenario:


       6.      Choose BASIC as authentication method.

       7.      Set the Username and Password to the appropriate communication user as described under Creating Users.

       8.      Choose Save to activate your settings.

       9.      Restart the SAP J2EE Engine.


You have set up the appropriate destination for your deployment scenario and herewith established communication between the XML DAS Connector for Java and the XML DAS.