Components and Deployment Scenarios

Components for XML Archiving

The following components are the principal constituents of the XML archiving technology:

·        XML Data Archiving Service (XML DAS): A J2EE enterprise application, which processes the incoming archiving requests and manages the archives.

·        XML Archive API for ABAP: An API for accessing the XML DAS from ABAP archiving objects. (Not discussed in this guide).

·        XML Archive API for Java: An API for accessing the XML DAS from within the SAP J2EE Engine. It is provided in the form of a J2EE Library.

·        GUIs:

Ў        The XML DAS Administration is available as a JSP-based browser application as of SAP Web AS 630.

Ў        For the XML DAS Connector for ABAP, the local archiving administration is provided by transaction SARA.

Ў        For the administration of J2EE archiving applications a central WebDynpro-based user interface is currently being developed.

Deployment Scenarios

The XML-based archiving technology offers various deployment scenarios. Understanding these scenarios is essential for an appropriate configuration. The two most common ones are listed in the next sections.

Central Deployment

In this scenario both the XML DAS Connector for Java and the XML DAS are running on the same host. It is most often used in local test or development environments.

Distributed Deployment

Here the XML DAS runs on a different host than the XML DAS Connector for Java. The scenario is probably most often used in production environments. It allows for cross-system archiving.