XML Data Archiving Configuration Steps for JAVA Applications

The following configuration steps are aimed at data archiving administrators who want to use XML archiving sets and run, test and monitor the XML Data Archiving Service and developers of XML archiving objects.


Before you begin you should be familiar with the concepts of XML-based archiving. For more information see:

·        XML-based Data Archiving

·        Administration of the XML Data Archiving Service

To be able to follow these configuration steps you need to have an SAP J2EE Engine 7.00 installed. A standalone J2EE Engine is sufficient. An SAP NetWeaver AS add-in installation is possible as well.

To configure the XML Data Archiving environment for Java applications you must first understand and identify your deployment scenario and then follow several configuration steps in the order they are listed:

·        Components and Deployment Scenarios

·        Creating Users

·        Creating a Destination

·        Configuring the XML Data Archiving Service