Defining an Archive Store (Step 3)


Before you can begin with XML data archiving you must define one or several archive stores within your archiving hierarchy. For more information see also Define Archive Stores.


       1.      Open the XML DAS Administration as a browser application by using the following address:

http://<Host of SAP J2EE Engine>:<HTTP port>/DataArchivingService/DAS

URL for accessing the XML DAS residing on SAP System Q2W:

For the login enter one of the administration users you created in Creating Users (Step 2).

       2.      Choose Define Archive Stores.

       3.      Choose New.

       4.      Enter the properties of the new archive store:

                            a.      Archive Store: Enter an arbitrary name for the store you choose (e.g. Q2W_STORE).

                            b.      Storage System: Enter a description of the archive store (for example Q2W archive file server).

                            c.      Store Type: Choose the option that corresponds to the storage system you are using – WebDAV or File System (for example file system)

                            d.      WebDAV Root or Win Root: Enter the appropriate archive store root:

                                                  i.       If you are using a WebDAV system, enter its URL including the port and the collection to be used.


                                                ii.       If a server running on an operating system of the Windows syntax group belongs to your J2EE cluster, enter the root to the storage system as it is seen from the perspective of the Windows server.


(in case file system is on different server than your J2EE engine)


(in case file system is on the same server as your J2EE engine)

                            e.      Unix Root: Enter the appropriate root.

If a server running on an operating system of the Unix syntax group belongs to your J2EE cluster, enter the root to the archive store as it is seen from the Unix server.


                              f.      Proxy Host and Proxy Port: If the archive store is WebDAV-enabled and can be reached via a proxy, enter the information about the proxy in the fields Proxy Host and Proxy Port.

                            g.      Choose Insert Archive Store.

                            h.      Select Home to return to the home page of the XML DAS Administration and check the successful creation of the archive store with Test Archive Stores.

                                                  i.       The stores you defined should show a green check mark in the Status column.

Time-Out and Other Tuning Parameters: To maintain time-out parameters for HTTP communication with WebDAV see Additional Configuration and Tuning Parameters in the SAP Help Portal under Administration of the XML Data Archiving Service.


You have created one or more archive stores in your archive hierarchy.