Monitoring SAP NetWeaver

Use this scenario variant to monitor your SAP NetWeaver system landscape. To monitor effectively while maintaining the lowest possible TCO, we recommend that you use a central monitoring system from which you can monitor your entire system landscape on the basis of the CCMS monitoring infrastructure (see also the general introduction in Monitoring SAP NetWeaver).

Use the following tools for your central monitoring, depending on the installable units of which your system landscape consists:

·        SAP Net Weaver Administrator

If you are using the installable unit AS Java productively in your system landscape, use the SAP NetWeaver Administrator for your central monitoring. This should be set up on a system with the installable units AS ABAP, AS Java, and EP, the central administration and monitoring system. You should also set up an administrative System Landscape Directory (SLD) on this system.

·        Alert Monitor

Use the Alert Monitor if you are only using systems with the installable unit AS ABAP in your system landscape. The Alert Monitor should also be set up on an ABAP system, the central monitoring system. In this case, you do not require an SLD.

For detailed information about setting up central monitoring in both cases, see the Monitoring Setup Guide – SAP NetWeaver 2004s at the Internet address