SAP NetWeaver Operations


The IT scenario SAP NetWeaver Operations covers tools and methods to securely operate a SAP NetWeaver landscape.

CIOs are nowadays increasingly confronted with the challenge of operating an ever-more complex system landscape with costs that are as low as possible. This means that the focus is on optimal system performance, ensuring the availability of business-critical components and applications, and adhering to legal and security-critical guidelines. At the same time, flexibility needs to be increased, and administrative and support assignments reduced.

The SAP NetWeaver Operations IT scenario covers tools, tasks, and methods to meet these challenges.

You need to perform different configuration tasks for the following scenario variants:

·        Monitoring SAP NetWeaver implements the SAP NetWeaver Administrator as the central monitoring tool for your system landscape.

·        Administering SAP NetWeaver focuses on daily administrative tasks. The SAP NetWeaver Administrator also plays a central role here. The new central scheduling functions of SAP NetWeaver, which make landscape-wide process automation easy are also included here.

·        Data Archiving covers efficient data management to optimize the workload while adhering to legal requirements.

·        Adaptive Computing represents a flexible solution for the overall utilization of the system landscape, which optimally accommodates – adaptively – the current resource requirements of the business process. For detailed information about Adaptive Computing, see