Using Java

The following development manual introduces technologies and the infrastructure for developing Java-based, multi-tiered business applications. In particular, it discusses in detail how these technologies are implemented in the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio and how you as a Java developer are supported by this development environment.

In short, this manual deals with the subject of Java development at SAP. 


Getting Involved


Provides an overview of the architecture of the development environment and introduces the basic concepts and features of the tools that SAP currently delivers.

Go and Create


Provides selected tutorials that introduce you to working with the Developer Studio. Here you are given step by step instructions on using the Developer Studio to create, implement, deploy, and finally execute your own Web Dynpro and J2EE applications on a test server.

Core Development Tasks


Makes up the central part of the development manual and covers topics relevant to the development phase. Subjects discussed are UI technologies (Web Dynpro and J2EE Web applications), the development of business logic, as well as the concepts and infrastructure for accessing relational databases. The topics of Web services, security, and connectivity are also covered in detail.

Working with the Development Infrastructure


Deals with the development process from the point of view of the SAP-specific development infrastructure, which includes in particular the Design Time Repository (for central resource management), the component model and component build service, as well as the Change Management System.

Ensuring Quality


Discusses testing, logging and tracing, as well as debugging Java applications on the J2EE server.  



Provides a central access point for API documentation and all tutorials available in the development manual.