The Business Content Environment


The Business Content Environment offers scenario-based implementation support for predefined Business Content of Enterprise Portal (EP) and Business Intelligence (BI). In SAP Solution Manager, a guide is created that takes you through the various activities involved in configuring and activating the content objects required for a scenario.

This documentation is aimed at the project team responsible for installing and configuring Business Content for business scenarios. If the content packages delivered by SAP have been imported into Solution Manager, the project team just needs to work through the guide contained in the scenario package in order to make the scenario executable. The project team can also remove parts from the package, or can add parts. This is classified as authoring. 


For information about the prerequisites for using the Business Content Environment., see Prerequisites.


The following section provides a list of the functions that the project team can make use of in the installation and configuration of Business Content for business scenarios and business processes:

·        By providing a number of content types, the Business Content Environment offers a standard interface over various systems for installing and configuring Business Content for business scenarios and business processes. The existing system landscape is taken into account.

·        The Business Content Environment simplifies the complex configuration of SAP NetWeaver system landscapes, providing for you for example with an exact list of the system settings that you need in order to set up your scenario. The system displays the relevant documentation for each activity.

·        While working through the activities, you can call up the relevant system and transaction directly from the Business Content Environment. The system already performs some activities automatically. Other activities are performed manually or using a wizard. Activities that are not relevant for you are hidden.

·        You can assign further Business Content objects (such as InfoCubes, worksets and iViews) to your scenario, or delete these objects, at any time. The system automatically integrates the required configuration activities into the Business Content Environment. When objects are assigned, dependencies between objects belonging to a Business Content class (such as BI Business Content) are broken down. This means that the InfoCubes and iViews required for assignment of a BW query are taken into account during the subsequent configuration.

See also:

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