Developing Forms Using Interactive Forms Based on Adobe Software


In their daily operations, companies of any size depend heavily on the use of formalized documents reflecting their individual corporate identity and containing crucial business information from live systems.

To support customers in creating reusable form templates for their business processes and filling the forms with current data, SAP joined in a partnership with Adobe systems Inc. with the goal to automate and streamline forms-based communications.

With the integration of Adobe PDF technology into its solutions, SAP further extends its offerings of end-to-end business solutions by

·        Providing the capabilities of Adobe's interactive PDF-based forms for the first time

·        Integrating PDF documents into business processes that are driven by SAP applications

·        Offering its customers enhanced printing capabilities, in particular for interactive Web applications


All SAP forms development efforts will focus solely on Interactive Forms.

To protect customer investments made in existing forms solutions, the existing SAP forms solutions Smart Forms and SAPscript will continue to be supported by SAP in their current functional scope.


SAP and Adobe have combined their development efforts and expertise to provide their customers with new collaborative business solutions.

Business processes that use forms to communicate, for example in HR or the public sector, can provide visually accurate representations of forms on the desktop, which allow end users to capture the data required in the backend.

With Interactive Forms based on Adobe software, users can

·        Process forms online with a connection to the system and offline on a local computer

·        Capture a form's appearance and data in one object

·        Fill in forms with specific data from SAP applications and transmit them securely to their intended recipients

·        Automatically check documents for consistency

·        Activate additional functions, such as inserting comments or digital signatures

·        Transmit completed forms back to the SAP application, updating the business data automatically

·        Create templates for interactive forms that include logos or images


Online Interactive Forms

A user logs on to the company intranet to fill in a form required by the HR department (for example, a Non-Disclosure Agreement to be signed by a new employee). The form is displayed in the browser.

As the user is logged on in the background to the company's HR system, her master data is displayed in the form. The user enters the required information in the fillable fields of the interactive form, and sends the data back to the system by pushing a button. The system extracts the data from the form and saves it in the database.

Offline Interactive Forms

The purchasing department of a company creates a bid in its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and selects the potential vendors. Based upon this data, the system automatically creates interactive bidding forms with specific vendor information, such as address or contact person.

The forms are transmitted to the vendors by e-mail. The vendors can fill out the forms offline (without being connected to the system that created the forms) and transmit them back to the company. The company then processes the forms automatically; the data provided by the vendors is written to the ERP system. The purchasing department uses the data to evaluate the quotation and then issues an order.

Forms for High-Volume Printing, E-Mailing, or Faxing

Interactive Forms provides all the features and functions you need to create form-based output, such as order confirmations, invoices or pay slips, for mass printing or sending by e-mail or fax.