Search Integration Capabilities


Enterprise Knowledge Management, Search Engine Service (SES), and Search and Classification (TREX) provide a framework for enterprise-wide search technology for searching structured data (business objects) and unstructured data (documents).

For more information, see:

·        Document Search with Enterprise Knowledge Management

Enterprise Knowledge Management provides a document repository framework that enables users to search across documents (unstructured data) using the search engine technology of Search and Classification (TREX).

·        Business Object Search with Search Engine Service (SES)

Search Engine Service (SES) provides a search and indexing framework that enables users to search for business objects (structured data) using the search engine technology of Search and Classification (TREX).

·        Search and Classification Engine (TREX)

Search and Classification (TREX) is the central SAP NetWeaver search engine that offers underlying search technology and functions for Enterprise Knowledge Management and Search Engine Service (SES).

The following graphic illustrates how KM, SES, and TREX are integrated in a single framework:

SAP Applications Using SAP Search Integration Capabilities

Structured Data: Searching For Business Objects

For searching across structured data (business objects), SAP applications have two ways to use the search capabilities of Search and Classification (TREX) and Search Engine Service (SES):

·        SAP applications using TREX directly for searching structured data

·        SAP applications using SES for searching structured data

SAP Applications Using TREX Directly for Searching Structured Data

·        PLM (Product Lifecycle Management)

·        BW (Business Information Warehouse)

·        CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

Ў        CRM ISA (Internet Sales)

Ў        CRM SAF/CIC (Software Agent Framework, Customer Information Center)

Ў        CRM e-Selling,

·        HR-HCM (Human Resources/Human Change Management) e-Recruiting, e-Learning, and Expert Finder

·        SRM (Supply Relationship Management)

SAP Application Using SES for Searching Structured Data

·        Asset Accounting

·        Automotive DBM

·        Controlling

·        Enterprise Asset Management

·        Financial Accounting

·        Industry Accounting

·        IPPE

·        Learning Solution

·        Master Data Management

·        PLM Master Data Management

·        Public Sector Accounting

·        Quality Management

·        Real Estate

Unstructured Data: Searching For Documents

For searching unstructured data (documents), SAP applications use the capabilities of the following components:

·        Enterprise Knowledge Management (Repository Framework)

·        Enterprise Portal (Graphical User Interface)