Business Planning and Analytical Services


Various BI interfaces and tools are available if you want to modify the Business Planning and Analytical Services scenario.

Advantages for Application Development

Business planning allows developers to create and operate planning scenarios or other applications. Business planning provides the following planning tools for these purposes:

?     BI Integrated Planning, a solution that is completely integrated into the BI system

?     BW-BPS (Business Planning and Simulation)

We recommend that you use the new BI Integrated Planning functionality when you implement new scenarios. We only recommend that you continue to use BW-BPS for small enhancements to existing BW-BPS solutions.  For more information, see Business Planning and Simulation (BW-BPS).

For a comparison of BW-BPS and BI Integrated Planning, see Release and Upgrade Management.

Also see the information in the SAP NW Technical Operations Manual about the Migration of BW-BPS to BI Integrated Planning.

BI Integrated Planning and analysis process design (for data mining solutions, for example) are now explained in more detail.

BI Integrated Planning

?     You can develop your own data models and planning-specific metadata objects for your business planning.

?     You can use the BEx Query Designer to define input-ready queries for the manual entry of plan data.

?     In the BEx Analyzer and Web Application Designer, you can develop planning applications that support manual data entry and automatic changes to data.

?     With the SAP enhancement concept, you can make enhancements to the standard in the BI system. Within the BI system, you can use customer exits and BAdIs to make enhancements in the Query Designer and the Web Application Designer.

Analysis Process Design

?     You use the Analysis Process Designer to define analysis processes that explore and identify hidden or complex relationships between BI data.

?     You use the Data Mining Workbench to create models. This allows you to apply the methods according to your requirements.




BI Integrated Planning: Modeling the data basis


BI Integrated Planning: Modeling planning-specific metadata objects


BI Integrated Planning: Definition of an input-ready query


BI Integrated Planning: Creating Web templates

Proficiency in standard markup languages

Enhancements using function exits and BAdIs

ABAP proficiency

Analysis process design


Data mining