Business Task Management


Business task management is the ability to generate actions for users in the system, either as a response to a step in a business process being reached, or as a result of a spontaneous desire to create a task by a user.


The following table lists the prerequisites for using this documentation:



Technical knowledge of SAP NetWeaver usage types

Enterprise Portal (EP)

IT Scenarios

This scenario is related to Business Process Management but concentrates on the user interaction with tasks.

Other knowledge requirements

This scenario does not require advanced development skills.

If you want to implement interactive forms in WebDynpro, you need knowledge of WebDynpro for Java or ABAP.


Getting Involved

Gives an overview of the business task management concepts and the development tools used to implement this scenario.

Go and Create

Enables you to get started with scenario development by creating a simple form-based process.

Core Development Tasks

Provides detailed instructions on how you implement development aspects of business task management.


Outlines integration aspects of this scenario.


Includes tutorials that show you how you implement different aspects of business task management.