Enterprise Reporting, Query, and Analysis


You can use various BI interfaces and tools to adapt the Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis scenario to your needs.

Advantages for Application Development

?     With BI, you can define your own queries, reports, and Web applications to best represent the processes of your enterprise.

?     Customers and partners of BI can develop their own content and deliver it to their business units. You can also make limited modifications and changes to BI Content.

?     Business Explorer Web application design allows you to apply generic OLAP navigation to BI data in Web applications and Business Intelligence cockpits. You can implement this for all scenarios, from simple scenarios to highly specialized scenarios. You can use standard markup languages and Web design APIs to implement highly individual scenarios with user-defined interface elements.

?     The Visual Composer provides functions that allow you to integrate BI queries into analytical applications. You use the BI integration wizard to define queries for any type of data service that is connected using BI Java connectors.

?     With the SAP enhancement concept, you can make enhancements to the standard in the BI system. You can use customer exits and BAdIs for enhancements within query design und Web application design.

?     Services that are based on the SAP NetWeaver Internet Communication Framework (ICF) are delivered with BI. The BI HTTP services allow you to display or exchange BI data using a URL.

?     The report-report interface allows you the flexibility to call a jump target (receiver) online from a BEx query (sender) within or outside of the BI system.

?     BI provides interfaces for evaluating data for reporting with third-party front-end tools.

?     You use the BI Java SDK to create analytical applications with which you access both multidimensional (Online Analytical Processing or OLAP) and tabular (relational) data. You can also edit and display this data.




Development of BI content: queries, reports, Web applications


Developing customer and partner content

ABAP development license

Web application design

Proficiency in standard markup languages

BI in Visual Composer


Enhancements using function exits and BAdIs

ABAP proficiency

ICF services

ABAP proficiency

Report-report interface


Connecting to third-party front-end tools

For more information about the technical prerequisites, see Open Analysis Interfaces.


Java programming proficiency; Business Intelligence experience

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