Search and Classification (TREX)


Search and Classification (TREX) provides SAP applications with numerous services for searching, classifying, and text-mining in large collections of documents (unstructured data) as well as for searching in and aggregating business objects (structured data). TREX processes documents in a wide variety of formats and in more than 30 languages.

Implementation Considerations

During installation of SAP NetWeaver, you can install TREX as a stand-alone engine, to make its functions available as part of an SAP NetWeaver IT scenario for the application in question.

For more information about the SAP NetWeaver IT scenarios, see IT Scenarios at a Glance.


?     Search Engine Service (SES)

The Search Engine Service (SES) enables users to search for business objects. SES is part of the SAP NetWeaver Application Server and access TREX functions through the TREX ABAP client (for details, see Administration of the Search Engine Service).

?     Search Integration Capabilities

TREX is part of the SAP Search Integration capabilities. Search and Classification (TREX), Knowledge Management (KM), and Search Engine Service (SES) together make up the integrated SAP search technology for company-wide searches in unstructured and structured data (document collections and business objects).


This documentation is organized into the following areas:

?     TREX Architecture

Here you can find information about the TREX architecture, the TREX components, and their functions.

?     TREX Configuration

Here you can find all procedures that describe how you can configure TREX. The configuration is organized as follows:

0     Post-Installation Configuration

0     Initial Configuration

0     Advanced Configuration

?     TREX Administration

Here you can find information about administrating TREX:

0     Starting and Stopping TREX

0     TREX Admin Tools

0     Complete Data Backup and Restore (Offline)

0     Monitoring TREX with CCMS

0     Administration of the Search Engine Service