IT Scenarios at a Glance

This part of the SAP Library is targeted primarily at consultants who require an overview of the possibilities and scope of the IT scenarios, but is also of interest to any other users who want information about the scenarios.

Here you will find an overview of all available IT scenarios and their scenario variants. The required IT processes are also listed for each variant. Links to other entry points in the SAP Library, aimed at particular target groups, are also provided.

As of SAP NetWeaver 2004s SR2, usage type Enterprise Portal (EP) has been separated into two closely related usage types: EP Core (EPC) and Enterprise Portal (EP).

Usage type EPC provides the core portal capabilities available in the former usage type EP. Usage type EP now includes all portal add-on capabilities it provided before, but without the core portal functionality.

Where usage type EP is specified as a prerequisite for implementing an IT scenario variant, both usage type EPC and EP are required. The standalone implementation of the new usage type EPC without usage type EP is currently limited to certain ERP scenarios (see mySAP ERP Master Guide).