Unbounded Processes (Integration Processes)


This documentation describes how to define cross-system or cross-application processes within the scope of the process automation variant. These processes are also known as integration processes. This documentation explains how to define, configure, and monitor integration processes.


The following table lists the prerequisites for this documentation:



Technical usage type for SAP NetWeaver

PI - Process Integration (XI)

IT scenarios

Scenario Enabling Application-to-Application Processes.

This scenario describes the basic principles of message-based process integration in SAP NetWeaver and the tools used. Since integration processes are a part of message-based process integration, you need to understand these basic principles.


Integration Builder (Integration Repository und Integration Directory).

For more information, see the scenario Enabling Application to Application Processes.

Other knowledge requirements

Since you define integration processes graphically, no special programming knowledge is required.

How to Use This Documentation

If you have not used the Integration Builder before, familiarize yourself with the scenario Enabling Application to Application Processes first.

If you do not have any experience with integration processes, start with the following sections:

·        Getting Involved

·        Go and Create

These sections contain information about the basic principles of integration processes, as well as examples and introductory tutorials.

If you already have experience with integration processes, use the remaining sections for reference purposes.