Embedded Processes (SAP Business Workflow)


This documentation describes how to define processes embedded in SAP applications within the scope of the process automation variant. These processes are also known as business workflows or workflows. This documentation explains how to define, configure and monitor workflows.


The following table lists the prerequisites for this documentation:



Technical usage type for SAP NetWeaver

Application Server ABAP (AS ABAP)

IT scenarios

This variant deals primarily with the definition of embedded processes. The Business Task Management scenario describes the processing of tasks that are generated by these embedded processes.

Authorizations, roles

You must be assigned the SAP_BC_BMT_WFM_DEVELOPER (workflow developer) role. This role contains the authorizations for all SAP Business Workflow transactions.

Other knowledge requirements

Since you define workflows graphically, no special programming knowledge is required.

However, if you want to develop object types in the Business Object Repository, then you need knowledge of ABAP.

How to Use This Documentation

If you are not yet familiar with SAP Business Workflow, start with the following sections:

·        Getting Involved

·        Go and Create

These sections contain information about the basics of SAP Business Workflow, including examples and introductory tutorials.

If you already experienced in defining workflows, you can use the remaining sections for reference purposes.