System Landscape Administration with SAP NetWeaver Administrator


SAP NetWeaver Administrator (NWA) is the new Web Dynpro-based tool for administration and monitoring, offering a central entry point to the whole SAP NetWeaver system landscape. The SAP NetWeaver Administrator can be used in a central scenario where it is capable of operating an entire system landscape containing ABAP and Java systems as the application platform of SAP NetWeaver.


The NWA unifies the most important administration and monitoring tools both for Java and ABAP systems. The most important advantages of the NWA are:

?     You no longer need to switch between different tools for administration, troubleshooting, and problem analysis of your entire SAP NetWeaver system landscape.

?     There is a central administration tool available to you landscape-wide for both Java and ABAP systems for starting and stopping instances, checking configuration settings and logs, and monitoring error-free functioning of components.

?     The interface follows the current guidelines for interface design, is easy-to-use, task-oriented, and complete. By using Web Dynpro, it runs in a normal browser.

?     The interface allows seamless navigation to other SAP NetWeaver administration tools (User Management Engine, System Landscape Directory).

?     For Java, the NWA represents the crossover from various expert tools to an integrated, simple, and clear solution. The NWA also completes the integration of the data sources for monitoring.

?     For ABAP, the NWA represents the crossover from many different expert transactions, some of which are difficult to use, to integrated, centrally available information.

SAP NetWeaver Administrator Security Roles

For authorization, the SAP NetWeaver Administrator uses the User Management Engine (UME) and the Java Management Extension™ (JMX) security features. The following security roles are defined that are distinguished by the plug-ins from the authorization point of view:





The roles include the permissions that enable/disable certain elements in the UI as well as permissions to access the data in the managed system, that is, they can be used in the central system and the managed system as well.

The local roles enable the management of the local system where the NWA runs. The central roles enable the management of the entire landscape that is available from SLD. The read-only roles do not allow any changes in the managed system such as start/stop, changing configuration, whereas the other roles allow full control.

The mapping between users and roles is done using the Identity Management functions of the NWA. For more information about how you can configure the above security roles, see Administration of Users, Groups, and Roles.

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