Collaboration Security Guide

About this Guide

This guide describes the aspects of the Collaborationcomponent that are relevant to security.

SAP recommends that you use this general information to create a handbook for daily use that corresponds to your company-specific requirements for production operations.

As a component of SAP NetWeaverTM, Collaboration is based on the Portal Platform and Knowledge Management Platform. The J2EE engine of the SAP Web Application Server forms the technical basis. The table below contains links to the security guides for these components.

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SAP Web AS Security Guide for J2EE Technology

SAP Enterprise Portal

Portal Security Guide

SAP Knowledge Management

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Why Is Security Necessary?

SAP Collaboration allows access to company-internal personal data, information, and documents that may not be equally accessible to all portal users. Settings for data security prevent unauthorized access and data manipulation.

Target Audience

·        Technical consultants

·        System administrators

This security guide applies for the entire software life-cycle. In contrast, the installation guide, configuration guide, technical operations manual, and the upgrade guide are each relevant for one phase of the software life-cycle.

SAP Notes

Check frequently to see which SAP notes for the security of your application are available.

Important SAP Notes

SAP Note Number




Central Note for Collaboration in NW’04

Information on software corrections after delivery of NW’04


SAP NetWeaver '04 Documentation

Information on corrections to the documentation after it has been delivered.