Entitlement Analyses


Entitlement Analyses focuses on an area of entitlement management referred to as deposit refund programs. In these programs, the primary goal of a manufacturer is to ensure that customers are motivated to return re-usable or re-manufacturable components of used products.


The method for ensuring customer compliance is to require the customer to pay a deposit (or incur a liability for a deposit amount) when purchasing a new replacement product. When the customer returns the re-usable portion of the product, a refund of the deposit may be granted or a liability may be cancelled. For example, a customer purchasing a replacement service part may be required to pay a deposit that ensures that the used part or ‘core’ part will be returned. Once the customer returns the core part, a refund of the deposit amount is granted.


Entitlement Analyses supports various stages and participants in the deposit refund cycle. For the customer, it offers transparency to earned and accrued entitlements, and relevant transaction history. For example, customers are able evaluate alternative programs for returning a core part and can go on to select the most financially optimized program.


On the other hand, a manufacturer or manufacturer representative can use the entitlement analyses to gain visibility to their total financial liability for a deposit refund program. They can also use this information to evaluate the effectiveness of their deposit refund programs for a group of products or for a specific product line. Additionally, the manufacturer can reference this information when attempting to resolve discrepancies regarding the entitlement account of a customer.


For more information about entitlements, see SAP Help Portal under Documentation ® mySAP Business Suite ® SAP Customer Relationship Mgmt. ® mySAP Customer Relationship Management ® Entitlement Management.


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as of SAP CRM 5.0

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