Supplier Delivery Performance Rating


Supplier Delivery Performance Rating is an analysis tool in the Service Parts Logistics (SPL) solution of Supply Chain Management. You can use this analysis tool to monitor:

·        The accuracy of a delivery

You can run checks and analyses to see if your suppliers have delivered the correct quantities on time. You do this by comparing planned quantities and times with actual quantities and times.

·        The accuracy of communications

You can check to see if the delivery documents and ASN documents were correct.


OLTP Release

SCM 5.0

BW Release

BI Content 3.5.3 Add-On


Supplier Delivery Performance Rating (SDPR) provides the following functions:

·        Online reports with aggregated data (per supplier/ship-to location)

·        Drill-down from aggregated data to detailed data

SDPR is shipped with a range of predefined metrics and calculation rules. As well as customizing these to your own specific needs, you can also specify new metrics and calculation rules of your own. You can specify calculation rules for each supplier that determine the extent to which a metric should count toward the overall rating.

The application logic is in the OLTP system: this is the system that determines how processes should be rated, and whether or not a process went OK.

The graphic below shows the structure and data flow of SDPR. The central points in SDPR are the ODS objects SDPR Collector and SDPR Score. The Collector ODS object collects all of the relevant data for ASNs, scheduling agreement releases, and purchase orders, as well as collecting alert information. On the basis of this data, the scores achieved by a supplier are calculated for a given period of time (for example, per month). These scores are written to the Scores ODS object, and are updated continuously there.

Data Flow Details