Connecting Feeder Systems to the Source Data Layer (SDL)


The Business Content for connecting feeder systems to the Source Data Layer (SDL), together with SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI), provides the basis for the populating of Bank Analyzer with data from operational SAP systems.

Implementation Considerations

How you use Business Content depends greatly upon the Customizing settings made in Bank Analyzer. The update rules for populating ODS objects with data are based on the Business Content of Bank Analyzer.

It is currently not possible to transfer data directly from ODS objects to the SDL. This means that you have to develop your own programs as part of the implementation process.


Business Content contains ODS objects which, in terms of their design, correspond to the structures of the BAPIs used to populate the SDL with data, and the associated update rules from the InfoSources and ODS objects of the respective operational system.

Business Content builds upon the extractors already available in the operative SAP systems. An appropriate infrastructure for Account Management (AM) and Loans Management (CML) has already been realized.



       1.      Importing Loan Data from CML

You extract from CML the master data and the cash flows that were generated for the loan. The system then writes the loan master data to the ODS objects for basic data, partner data, key figures, object hierarchies, valuations, and Credit Exposure, and distributes the cash flows to the ODS objects for cash flow header data and cash flow items.

       2.      Importing Checking Account Data from AM

You extract from AM the master data for the account, financial conditions, and the credit line for the account. The system uses the account master data to determine the data for the ODS objects for basic data, partner data, and Credit Exposure. Then the system writes the condition master data to the ODS objects for financial conditions (condition groups, individual conditions, amounts, amount items, and reference interest rates).