ALV Object Model

The new object model of the SAP List Viewer (ALV) is an object-oriented encapsulation of the ALV tool that already exists.

·        Simple, two-dimensional table

·        Hierarchical-sequential list

·        Tree structure

The following objectives were fulfilled with the new ALV interface:

·        Unified, object-oriented API for all ALV tools wherever possible

·        Coherent API

·        Earliest possible error detection during programming (for example, exceptions let you know when methods are not possible in specific situations)

·        Functions for accessibility are integrated into ALV, which means that you do not have to provide these functions yourself using your application

With the ALV object model, you have the option of using almost unified programming techniques independent of the ALV tool in order to display various lists, tables or tree structures. The methods, parameters or classes only vary where tool-specific functions require a special procedure.

This documentation is catered toward application developers who want to display table-type structures as tables, lists or tree structures in their applications using one of the ALV tools. Here you will find an overview of the mode of operation of ALV, as well as the options you have for changing the appearance and functioning of the ALV output from within your application.


You will find more detailed information about the classes and methods, including their parameters, in the system documentation for classes and methods. You will find all classes of the new object model in the SALV package and its subpackages.