Configuring the Monitoring Architecture


The monitoring of a system landscape is a complex task of significant importance for every company that operates one or more SAP systems. The complexity increases with every additional system, component, or extension.

With the monitoring architecture of the Computing Center Management System (CCMS), SAP provides a flexible and universally-usable infrastructure with which you can centrally monitor your entire IT landscape and which reports problems quickly and reliably.

The monitoring architecture is delivered free of cost with every SAP Web Application Server. The architecture runs on every SAP Web Application Server and can easily be extended to include additional SAP and non-SAP components.

The concept of the monitoring architecture is that all required information is available in a central monitoring system (CEN), and therefore makes the work of the administrators easier. Problems are displayed as soon as they occur; all log files are also accessible from a central location, which reduces the time for error identification and correction. In this way, the monitoring architecture enables greater efficiency with lower costs.

Additional configuration steps allow advanced technologies such as notifications, meaning that administrators no longer need to actively investigate systems for alerts.

This guide outlines the configuration steps required to monitor a system landscape based on SAP NetWeaver 04. It is a prerequisite for this that you have already completed the installation of the corresponding components.

To configure the monitoring, perform the following processes in the specified sequence:

·        Configuring a Central Monitoring System (CEN)

·        Monitoring: Configuring ABAP Instances

·        Monitoring: Configuring Java Instances

·        Monitoring: Configuring Other SAP NetWeaver Components

·        Configuring Alert Triggering and Alert Reactions