SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe Security Guide

This guide does not replace the daily operations handbook that we recommend customers to create for their specific productive operations.

About this Guide

This guide is to provide you with an overview of the security aspects and recommendations when using SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe for your applications. The technology is implemented in the Adobe document services. Although running within the J2EE Engine, there are security requirements in the SAP Web AS ABAP and in the SAP Web AS Java.

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Referenced documentation

For detailed information on the procedure of configuring the security-related settings in your system, see Adobe Document Services Configuration Guide, also available at:  ® Media Library ®  Documentation

Why is Security Necessary?

The Adobe document services may deal with confidential data. In this case we recommend that you activate SSL on all communication links.

In addition, the Adobe document services offer functions which require keys and certificates associated with your company. These functions are:

?      Creating and verifying digital signatures and certification

?      Encryption and decryption

For these functions the use of SSL is mandatory, because high authentication, data integrity and confidentiality are required.

Target Groups

?      Technical consultants

?      System administrators

Important SAP Notes

The most important SAP Notes that apply to the security of SAP Interactive Forms by Adobe are shown in the table below.

Important SAP Notes

SAP Note Number



Adobe document services: Configuration Guide


Adobe: PDF Manipulation Module High Encryption


Adobe Credentials


Adobe Acrobat Reader creates temporary files