CRM Analytics


You can choose from a range of planning applications to assist you in your planning tasks for your customer relationships. For these planning applications, SAP delivers example scenarios that use objects in BW-BPS.

From the technical standpoint, the planning applications share the same infrastructure, the Planning Services.


The planning applications are integrated with SAP CRM to differing levels of closeness. Sales Target Planning as part of Sales Planning, for example, is only loosely integrated with SAP CRM, that is, the integration is restricted solely to the master and actual data that was extracted from SAP CRM into SAP BW. Opportunity Planning is closely integrated with SAP CRM. The master and actual data is supplied directly from SAP CRM when planning is executed, without it first having to be extracted into SAP BW.

These different types of integration mean that you can execute the planning applications in different ways:

·        You perform the loosely-integrated planning applications in SAP BW.

·        You can only perform the closely integrated planning applications in SAP CRM, such as marketing planning in Marketing Planner.


If, instead of using the example scenarios delivered by SAP, you would rather create your own objects, then note the following sections (depending on the type of planning application):

·        Special Features for Close Integration with SAP CRM

·        Special Features for Loose Integration with SAP CRM


For information on the range of features, see the documentation for each planning application.