Security Guide ALE (ALE Applications)

Application Link Enabling (ALE) business processes are integrated processes across distributed systems.

ALE uses IDocs (intermediate documents) or BAPIs (Business Application Programming Interface) as data transfer format between the systems.

BAPIs are interfaces based on object-oriented technology. BAPIs can be called synchronously or asynchronously. Asynchronous BAPIs also use IDocs as data containers.

Security Measures

Because ALE relies heavily on transactional RFC, all security issues that apply to RFC also apply automatically to ALE. You also need a well-established network infrastructure (see Network Infrastructure).

The security measures specific to ALE apply to the ALE landscape configuration and the system user used for the communications. These measures are described in the following topics:

·        General Security Measures (ALE)

·        Protecting the ALE Distribution Model

·        Measures to Take in the Source System

·        Measures to Take in the Target System

·        Assigning Authorizations When Using Background Processing

·        Assigning Authorizations When Using Immediate Processing