Search and Classification (TREX) Security Guide

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This guide describes the topics relevant to security that affect SAP NetWeaver Search and Classification (TREX). TREX finds information in both structured and unstructured data. TREX provides SAP applications with services for searching and classifying large collections of documents and for searching and aggregating business objects.

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Why Is Security Necessary?

Search and Classification (TREX) allows you to configure secure communication between TREX and the application using TREX (for example, SAP Enterprise Portalor SAP Customer Relationship Management). TREX is based on a client/server architecture. The TREX client software is integrated into the application that uses TREX (the TREX Java client is part of the J2EE Engine as a TREX service). It enables access to the TREX servers (name server, preprocessor, Web server, and index server). The TREX servers execute requests from the clients: They index and classify documents and answer search queries.

TREX is a search and classification engine that is used to search in structured and unstructured data and documents. When documents are indexed and document content is searched by TREX, content containing personal or confidential information is also transmitted. The TREX security aspects described prevent illegal access to, and manipulation of, documents and settings and serve to ensure that data protection regulations are met.

Target Audience

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This document is not part of the installation guide, configuration guide, technical operations manual, or upgrade guide. These guides are only relevant for a certain phase in the software life cycle. The security information is relevant in all phases.

Important SAP Notes

Check frequently to see which SAP notes for the security of your application are available.

Important SAP Notes

SAP Note Number




TREX 7.0 SP4/SP5: Access Rights and Users (UNIX)


TREX 7.0: Reboot Privilege


TREX 6.1/7.0 Security: Using TREX specific root certificate


TREX 6.1/7.0: Authorization object for TREX Admin Tool


TREX 6.1/7.0 on Windows Server 2003 with non administrator user


TREX 6.1/7.0: Netegrity SiteMinder Authentication