Table Analysis


You can use table analysis to analyze how entries for a table have been distributed to selected fields. Table analysis counts the table entries and assigns the number of entries found to the selected field values (such as organizational units or periods). You determine the fields for table analysis by using Analysis Variants


Table contents often need to be analyzed in the data archiving environment.


·        You can use table analysis to analyze the distribution of table entries to selected fields.  For more information, see Performing Table Analysis

·        To carry out a table analysis you always need an analysis variant. For more information, see Analysis Variant.

·        You can supplement a table you would like to include in an analysis with virtual fields. For more information, see Virtual Fields.

·        You have several options for monitoring the space table analyses use on the database. For more information, see Reorganizing Table Analysis

In addition you can display or delete analysis variants, and display analyses performed in the background.


Transactions used within table analysis



Table Analysis


Analysis Variant


Virtual Fields



Table BKPF contains document headers for financial accounting. Each document is assigned to a company code. By using table analysis you can identify how many entries relate to a particular company code.