Technology Consultant's Guide

This document guides you in configuring an SAP NetWeaver installation so that it works most effectively with your IT scenario.

The information provided here corresponds to the final implementation phase of the overall installation of SAP NetWeaver 2004s or to its upgrade from an older release. To verify that you are on track in implementing your IT scenario, perform the configuration steps listed in this guide only after being referred to them from the installation or upgrade guides.

The Structure of Implementation Information

The information needed to implement an IT scenario at a customer site is structured as follows:


       1.      Basic installation or upgrade information

       2.      IT scenario configuration information

Installation Information

The requirements for a full installation of an SAP NetWeaver system are detailed in a documentation set that comprises planning guides as well as installation guides for the SAP NetWeaver usage types and the various standalone engines, clients, and tools.

All guides required for a full installation of any IT scenario are available on SAP Service Marketplace at:

Upgrade Information

The requirements for upgrading your SAP NetWeaver system to SAP NetWeaver 2004s are detailed in a documentation set that comprises planning guides and upgrade guides for both Java and ABAP upgrades.

The configuration steps in this guide are required to enable your IT scenario, and they can help you activate any new capabilities that may be available in your SAP NetWeaver environment after the upgrade.

All guides relevant to a successful upgrade of IT scenarios are available on SAP Service Marketplace at:

Configuration Information

To adapt SAP NetWeaver to the particular requirements of your enterprise, configure the system as described in the corresponding sections of this guide.

The same information is also available through SAP Solution Manager, the tool that manages your system landscape solution. When you create a project in the Solution Manager, you can see all its relevant configuration information. In addition, for many ABAP scenarios, executable configuration files (IMGs) are available. SAP Solution Manager has the capability of executing the ABAP scenarios IMG files during the configuration and management of the system landscape.

For more information about the Solution Manager, go to

This guide provides you with textual information only. If you want access to IMGs during configuration, use the Solution Manager tool.

As of SAP NetWeaver 2004s SR2, usage type Enterprise Portal (EP) has been separated into two closely related usage types: EP Core (EPC) and Enterprise Portal (EP).

Usage type EPC provides the core portal capabilities available in the former usage type EP. Usage type EP now includes all portal add-on capabilities it provided before, but without the core portal functionality.

Where usage type EP is specified as a prerequisite for implementing an IT scenario variant, both usage type EPC and EP are required. The standalone implementation of the new usage type EPC without usage type EP is currently limited to certain ERP scenarios (see mySAP ERP Master Guide).