Managing Batch Input Sessions

Batch input sessions enter data non-interactively into an SAP system.  Batch input is typically used to transfer data from non-SAP systems to SAP systems or to transfer data between SAP systems. 

This section describes how to manage batch input sessions. 

To reach the main menu of the batch input system, select System® Services® Batch input.  Alternatively, enter transaction SM35.  

For information on the Recording function in the batch input manager (transaction SHDB), please see the online guide Programming Interface for Background Processing.  You can use the recording function to create a batch input session without having to write or run a program to generate a session. 

Overview and Concepts

Process Overview:  Batch Input

Batch Input: Concepts

Working with Batch Input Sessions

Processing Sessions Automatically

Selecting Sessions

Running Sessions

Correcting a Session

Deleting Sessions

Locking and Unlocking Sessions

Releasing and Restarting an Interrupted Session

Information and Analysis

Displaying Queue Management Information

Displaying Session Logs

Reorganizing the Log File

Analyzing Sessions