CCMS: Informix


This component enables you to manage your Informix database using the Computing Center Management System (CCMS). With CCMS, you get extensive support in database administration (DBA) for the Informix database and can perform many DBA functions from within the SAP system.

Implementation Considerations

SAP recommends you to use CCMS for Informix DBA where possible. CCMS is supported for Informix databases on both UNIX and Windows platforms.

For each area of administration, the table below in "Integration" shows the available tools. In general, you should use CCMS or SAPDBA as first choice, followed by the other Informix tools. The reasons for this are as follows:

·        CCMS uses the familiar SAP interface, can be used directly from your SAP session and is perfectly adequate for many routine functions.

·        SAPDBA is tailored for use with the SAP system running on Informix databases and can also be used when the SAP system is down. With SAPDBA, you can perform a wide range of DBA functions (but not archive and backup).

·        The Informix tools have the disadvantage that they are not designed specifically to run with the R/3 System, and furthermore some of these tools have a less advanced interface than SAPDBA or CCMS.

There are some overlaps in functionality between CCMS and SAPDBA. In general, however, they complement one another, as their strengths lie in different areas. For example, CCMS is more suited for shared memory parameters, whereas SAPDBA is better for monitoring and tuning in the area of space management.

These are only guidelines as to the best tool for the task. The exact nature of the task determines which tool you should use.


There are many different tasks involved in Informix database administration, only some of which you can carry out using CCMS, as shown in the following table:

Area of administration

Can Be Performed Using



Archive and backup

CCMS, ontape, ON-Archive, ON-Bar



Update statistics

CCMS, SAPDBA, Informix tools

Performance tuning

CCMS, SAPDBA, Informix tools


CCMS, SAPDBA, Informix tools

Space management

SAPDBA, Informix tools

System checks

SAPDBA, Informix tools, CCMS


SAPDBA, Informix tools


The main features for Informix DBA in CCMS are as follows:

Area of Administration

Can Be Performed in CCMS Using

Scheduling archive, backup, update statistics, DB system checks, physical consistency checks, and other tasks

DBA Planning Calendar

Reviewing results of archive and backup

Archive and Backup Monitor in CCMS

Update Statistics

Update Statistics

Performance tuning and monitoring

Database Monitor and Database Alert Monitor

System checks (that is, configuration and performance)

DB System Check

There is some overlap between these tools.


You have to perform certain DBA functions outside the SAP system, that is, using tools supplied by Informix and SAP. For example, to perform a reorganization, you have to use SAPDBA.

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