Security of the SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure

The SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI) provides developers and administrators with all services for the entire lifecycle of Java-based software. The infrastructure includes a range of services, provided mostly by the following components:

·        Design Time Repository (DTR)

·        Component Build Service (CBS)

·        Change Management Service (CMS)

The NWDI is connected with the following systems and tools:

·        Software Landscape Directory (SLD) / Name Server

·        Software Deployment Manager (SDM)

The developer accesses them using the SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio.


The figure above shows how the components of the NWDI interact.

This section handles the following security-relevant topics of the NWDI:

·        Authentication and Authorization

·        Secure Communications

·        Deployment with the SDM

Technically, the Name Server is based on the same component as the SAP System Landscape Directory (SLD). For security-relevant information, see the security guide for the SLD.