Licensing the J2EE Engine

Once the J2EE Engine has been installed, you can log on, since a temporary license has automatically been installed.

You then have to request and install a permanent license from SAP.

If you have installed the SAP Web Application Server with ABAP and J2EE, you can follow the licensing procedure used in earlier releases of the SAP Web AS. The documentation can be found in SAP License.

There are two types of SAP licenses – permanent and temporary licenses

·        Permanent License

How you go about getting a permanent license from SAP is explained in Requesting and Installing an SAP License.

·        Temporary License

If your permanent license has expired, as a short term measure you can install a temporary license.

In the Visual Administrator choose Server 0  ® Services ® Licensing Adapter. Then choose tab page Runtime ® Installed Licenses and Install subsequent temporary license.

This is valid for 28 days. By then you should have installed a permanent license again.

Note that you cannot install another temporary license, if the expired license is also a temporary license.

A newly installed license does not take affect until the J2EE Engine has been restarted. It is irrelevant whether the license is a permanent or a temporary license.