Example: Creating the Database Manager CLI 7.4.03 Program


You create the MaxDB program Database Manager CLI 7.4.03.

The Database Manager CLI (DBMCLI) program consists of the following components:

·        Main components:

Ў        Accept and evaluate the call parameters and user entries.

Ў        Transfer the DBM commands to the communication components.

Ў        Receive the DBM server responses from the communication components.

Ў        Evaluate and output the DBM server responses.

·        Communication components:

Ў        Communication with the local DBM server.

Ў        Communication with a DBM server on a remote computer.

Ў        The communication components are components of the database system runtime environment.

·        DBM server: This integrated DBM server can be used on user request. In this case, the components required to connect to a separate DBM server are not used.

Process Flow


       1.      Follow the instructions as described in Creating the DBMCLI.

       2.      Perform a function check.

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