Executing a Form Dialog


You can use the form dialog to execute statements to edit data records at different isolation levels.



       1.      Choose View ® Form Dialog. The system opens a window for the Form dialog.

       2.      Depending on your user settings, at first you are in read only or in change mode. If you want to change the dialog mode, activate or deactivate the Read Only selection in the lower part of the dialog box.

       3.      The default value that you set in the user settings is entered for the isolation level. If you want to use a different isolation level, select the relevant isolation level in the lower part of the dialog box.

       4.      Choose Form Dialog ® Get Table. Select the table that you want to edit, and choose OK to confirm.
The first data record is displayed in the left half of the window. You can use the arrows  < > to scroll through the data records. In change mode, you can change, insert, or delete data records. In the right half of the window, you can enter search conditions for selecting specific records.

To hide the window area for entering the search conditions, deselect the Filter flag.

       5.      To view the data records as a list, choose Report. To switch back to the screen display, choose Record.

       6.      To use or edit the dialog again later, save it as an SQL Studio object by choosing Form Dialog ® Save As.

       7.      To export the SQL statement of your Form dialog to the SQL dialog, choose Dialog ® Export to SQL Dialog.