Commands and SQL Statements


The Loader can execute commands and SQL statements.


Creating a Database Session

You can execute the commands and SQL statements for importing and exporting data only after you have successfully started a database session. This ensures that only suitably authorized owners can import and export.

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Creating a Database Session: Commands

Exporting and Importing

One of the main functions of the Loader is the exporting and importing of the database catalog, parts of the database catalog and application data. A range of commands and associated syntax elements are available for this purpose.

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Exporting: Commands

Importing: Commands

You can change column values.

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SQL Statements

The Loader can execute the SQL statements required for exporting and importing. DDL statements, in particular, are vital for importing data (SQL Reference Manual: SQL Statements: Overview).

Database queries, however, return only status messages.

COMMIT and ROLLBACK statements are only active in the mode AUTOCOMMIT OFF (AUTOCOMMIT Command).

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