Setting Parameters for SQL Statements


In the SQL dialog, you can set parameters for SQL statements. When you execute the SQL statement for which a parameter has been set, a dialog window opens in which you must enter a value for the parameter.


1.       When you create an SQL statement, insert square brackets in all the places you want a variable entry to be possible.

2.       If you want to formulate a prompt for the dialog window, enter this prompt within the square brackets.

If you want to set parameters for queries for the columns Article No. and Unit Price in the Article table, you can set the following parameters among the selection criteria:

SELECT  "Article No.", "Unit Price" FROM "Article"
WHERE  "Article No." > [article number (from)]
AND  "Article No." < [article number (to)]
AND  "Unit Price" <= [upper price limit]

By setting parameters you can also replace entire sections of an SQL statement.

You can formulate a SELECT statement and add a WHERE condition using a parameter:

SELECT * FROM USERS [Your WHERE condition]

If you specify a comparison value for the data type CHAR, VARCHAR, DATE or TIME, you must enclose the comparison value in single quotation marks.