Creating a Synonym


You can use SQL Studio to create synonyms for database tables.


You need to have the necessary user authorizations and the NOT EXCLUSIVE user attribute.

For an explanation of user authorizations and user attributes, see the Database Users section of the Concepts of the Database System documentation and the Authorization section of the SQL Reference Manual.


In Catalog Manager, select the database table for which you want to create a synonym, and choose Catalog Manager ® New ® Synonym Definition.
The system opens a window for defining the synonym.

1.       Enter a synonym name and choose whether the synonym is to be private or Public.

2.       Choose Synonym Definition ® Create Synonym.

To export the SQL statement for creating the synonym to the SQL dialog, choose Synonym Definition ® Export to SQL Dialog.

For information on the syntax of CREATE SYNONYM statements, see the CREATE SYNONYM Statement section of the SQL Reference Manual.