You initialize all database parameters required to create a new database instance. This procedure uses the name of the database instance from the session with the Database Manager. This database instance must not have a database parameter file yet.

First, all database parameters are filled with their values from the default parameter file.

The initialization is performed only within the Database Manager program. To save the parameters in the database parameter file, you need to check all parameters (see: param_checkall) and confirm them (see: param_commitsession).

See also:

Database Administration Tutorial, Creating and Configuring a Database Instance

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?      You have opened a parameter session (see: param_startsession).

?      You have the server authorization InstallMgm.


param_init [<database_type>]


Database type, possible values are: OLTP | LVC

OLTP: MaxDB database instance

LVC: liveCache database instance

The system default is OLTP



In the event of errors, see Reply Format.