You use this DBM command to confirm changes that you have made to database parameters and enter them in the database parameter file. Only execute this DBM command if you have successfully executed the DBM command for checking all database parameters.

You can enter an option to define if you would like the parameter session to remain open or to be closed once the changes have been confirmed.

The changed values in the parameter file are only effective after a restart of the database instance.

See also:

Database Administration Tutorial, Changing the Values of Multiple Database Parameters

Concepts of the Database System, Database Parameters


?     You have changed the parameter values during a param_startsession.

?     The check of the parameters you changed was successful (see: param_checkall).

?     You have the server authorization ParamCheckWrite.


param_commitsession [NOCLOSE]


The parameter session remains open once the database parameters have been saved.

Successful Reply


Error Message

14,ERR_XPCHECK_CN00 : param check failure/request
<parameter_name>      <check_status>

Values for the Reply Fields




Name of database parameter


Check results; the following values are possible:

mandatory | constraint

mandatory: An obligatory database parameter has been assigned an empty value.

constraint: A condition defined in the default parameter file was not fulfilled.


Value defined by the user for the database parameter


Default value calculated by the system