Installing/Upgrading on UNIX/Linux


?     See prerequisites in the section Using the Installation Manager.

?     You have unpacked the database software into a local directory (see: Concept of the Database System, Download).

Calling the Installation Manager on UNIX/Linux



       1.      Open a root shell.

You can also use kdesu if it is installed on your system.

       2.      Go to the local directory in which you unpacked the database software.

       3.      Enter the following command:


       4.      Choose Start Installation/Upgrade

       5.      Follow the instructions of the Installation Manager.

       6.      When you have completed the installation, leave the root shell.

       7.      Update the environment variable PATH for the operating system user who will be operating the MaxDB database system, for example

export PATH=/opt/sdb/programs/bin:$PATH

If necessary, you also add the login profile of the operating system user (for example, in the home directory of the user):


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