MAKE Operation


You are creating a software component using the VMAKE program from changed source text files.


You have prepared the MAKE operation.

Process Flow

The MAKE operation is divided into two phases: the collection phase and the make phase.

Collection Phase


       1., Starting the MAKE Operation

       2.      Determining the Files to be Translated

MAKE Phase

The module files are created in the dependency defined in the description files during the MAKE phase. If an error occurs while a module file is being created, all the targets that are dependent on this module file will not be created either. This applies across all dependency levels.

       3.      Translation Process

       4.      Link Process

       5.      The files located in the temporary working directory are deleted once the targets have been successfully created. If an error occurs while the targets are being created, the files are not deleted from the temporary directory. VMAKE also logs the entire software creation process.


If a module file vak10 is dependent on vak00 (vak10 inc=vak00), vak00 is handled first. vak10 cannot be created until this file has been successfully generated.

If an error occurs when vak00 is created, vak10 as well as other dependent files cannot be handled. As vak10 is contained in ak1lib.lib, ak1lib.lib is not linked. Since ak1lib.lib is contained in the kernel.shm kernel, the kernel is also not linked.

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