MAKE operation is logged by VMAKE. For each module file that is translated, it creates logs in the prot directory (see General Directory Structure).


The names of the logs are the same as the files names that were specified when the VMAKE version was called. The files have the extension .e0, .p0 or .x0.

Contents of the logs

File extension



Contains error messages only and lists the targets that could be successfully created.


Normal log; corresponds to the screen outputs during the creation process


Contains detailed information on the individual files as well as the options used to call the VMAKE tools.

When the logs are created, older logs with the same name are renamed (the last digit is incremented by 1). As a result, a log history comprising up to 10 logs (.p0 to.p9) is possible.

You can display the current logs using the ips.pl, ipf.pl scripts: Displaying Logs.