Date Files


VMAKE creates a date file for every target that is to be generated. The name of the date file comprises the name of the processed file and the file extension .dat: <file_name>.dat. Its timestamp corresponds to that of the respective module file or link description.


VMAKE uses the date file during the MAKE process to determine whether the local targets correspond to the module files/link descriptions that are currently being used. If both files have a different time stamp, VMAKE detects that the target is not current and recreates it.

VMAKE stores date files are follows:

·        Date files for include files are stored in the $WRK/dates directory within their layer irrespective of the VMAKE version used in the MAKE process, since include files are not version specific.

·        Date files for all other module files are stored in the version-specific $WRK/<version>/dates directory, under the relevant subdirectories for the layer in question.

·        Date files for link descriptions are stored directly in the version-specific $WRK/<version>/dates directory.