Adding a Standby Instance (Hot Standby)

With the Database Manager GUI, you can add a standby instance to a hot standby system.


·        See Concepts of the Database System, System Requirements for a Hot Standby System

·        You have already set up the master instance of the hot standby system.

·        You are connected to the database instance of the hot standby system on the virtual server.


In the Database Manager GUI, choose Instance ® Configuration ® Hot Standby.

Choose Next to start each of the required steps.


       1.      Choose Add or Remove Standby Instances.

       2.      Choose Add Standby Instance. Make the following entries:


Name of the standby computer

Login Name

Operating system user on the standby computer


Password of the operating system user on the standby computer


Installation path of the database software on the standby computer


Delay (in seconds) until the standby instance redoes the changes in the master instance.

       3.      Choose Start.

You have added the standby instance and put it in the STANDBY operational state.

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