Changing the DBM Operator Properties of the Database System Administrator

You can use the Database Manager GUI to change the DBM operator properties of the database system administrator (SYSDBA user).


The user has the Managing DBM Operators (User management) server authorization.

If you want to change the password of the database system administrator, the database instance must be in the ONLINE operational state.



       1.      Choose Instance ® Configuration ® DBM Operator... .

       2.      Select the database system administrator.

       3.      Choose Properties.

       4.      Choose the General tab page and change the desired DBM operator properties.

DBM Operator Properties




You can change the password of the database system administrator.


Set this option when you want to lock the database system administrator.

Enable Pwd

Set this option if you want to enter a second password for the database system administrator.


The database system administrator has the DBM operator properties you set.

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