vcn12.cpp, vcn13.cpp, vcn14.c


The module files vcn12.cpp, vcn13.cpp, and vcn14.c from the link description dbmcli.lnk are stored in the directory $OWN/sys/src/cn. This directory name cn is determined implicitly from the module file name.

These module files are the main components of the DBMCLI program, and contain C or C++ source codes:

·        The main function is stored in module file vcn12.cpp.

·        The module file vcn13.cpp contains certain functions required for file access and character set conversion.

·        The module file vcn14.c is used to connect main components with communication components.

The module files vcn12.cpp, vcn13.cpp and vcn14.c use #include statements to integrate include files.

The compilation description describes how the module files depend on the include files.

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